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Combined Cooling Heat Distillation-Desalination & Power

The future has arrived. The City of Sydney's interim Trigeneration Master Plan is on exhibition until Friday 28 January 2011 and open for suggestions and comments.

Water4Cities™ wants an extra pipe.

What's an extra pipe mean? It enables Sydney to be QuadGENeration ready.

Why is that important? Because Sydney is installing Trigeneration without drinking water on the list. Drinking water is the new blue gold, and QuadGEN™ includes premium quality drinking water. An additional pipe with the sole purpose to transport drinking water will make it viable and possible.

Trigeneration [chilled water, hot water and electricity] will deliver 90% efficiency and can be driven with renewable gases - adding an extra pipe for drinking water makes QuadGENeration possible. 4 products [chilled water, hot water, electricity AND drinking water]. A world first for Sydney.

If we add a pipe NOW - they only need to rip up the streets ONCE!

With an extra pipe dedicated for drinking water we'll be able to secure Sydney's drinking water for many years into the future (the pipes that deliver water must be aging by now anyway) and with today's technology we offer lowest CO2 footprint and the highest premium quality water - with next year's technology it will be cheaper... if the infrastructure is in place - if not, it will be a monumental missed opportunity.

THE TRIGENERATION or QuadGENERATION MODEL (which ever is accepted) WILL BE COPIED ACROSS AUSTRALIA AND THE WORLD so this is a crucial step. Please support the addition of an extra pipe for drinking water which is necessary for a new decentralised water network that secures your future drinking water by Twittering your Facebook. Thank you.

Trigeneration has a lot of good things going for it. It uses one fuel at around 90% efficiency. It makes 3 things, chilled water, hot water and electricity. The hot and cold water is used to heat and cool buildings instead of air-conditioning saving heaps of electricity. Trigeneration can run on renewable gases by cooking our waste and rubbish making Trigeneration CO2 transparent. If every city on the planet copied Trigeneration then we would "save the planet". Yes Trigeneration is pretty terrific.

Since water is considered the new gold, premium quality water is added value. Trigeneration becomes QuadGENeration when a 4th product is produced. Low grade heat can produce premium quality drinking water, a value added product.

Today good quality water comes from a plastic bottle. Tomorrow highest quality can come from the tap. This allows real choice to break the 63.4 billion bottles dumped in a year and turn the tide on plastic bottle islands floating in our oceans.


An ecological look at the water cycle, human behaviour and modern technological water management. QuadGENeration with 4 products including drinking water presents a sustainable and decentralised cooling, heating, drinking water and electricity network - and promises highest quality drinking water at lowest carbon footprint with a potential profitable income stream.

The City of Sydney is planning the greatest energy upgrade in our cities history. By changing from centralised to decentralised energy the City of Sydney will be lowering carbon emissions to the ambitious level of 70% by 2030 with energy efficient Trigeneration - plus, as an added bonus there would be no need to build another coal-fired power station.

Not to be overlooked, the plans also include the ability to reduce CO2 emissions even further: "The CCHP engines will be designed to be initially fuelled by low carbon natural gas with the ability to be replaced by renewable gases in the future." Allan Jones MBE Chief Development Officer, Energy and Climate Change.

Sydney is certainly setting the standard in low emission electricity, heating and cooling for cities, and with the future proofing of renewable gases Sydney embraces the climate challenge head on... but after all that hard work you could do with a drink! You reach for a refreshing glass of water delivered by the 21st Century decentralised low emission, chlorine free, chemical free infrastructure developed in synchronicity with...... no you won't, you'll be reaching for a plastic bottle - a plastic bottle? Why?
Think about it, because there will be no change in the "tap" water quality, there will be no change to the ongoing "plastic water bottle" practice - er, crisis. In short, there's no upgrade to drinking water because new thinking is needed now when the opportunity exists and it's too late later, when it's prohibitively expensive, but "if" we need it then, we'll really need it. With a little extra tangential thinking now we can see the opportunity to curb the plastic bottle pollution and solve our water problems now.
FUTURE MAN "Trigeneration has meant cleaner energy for the planet. We clean used water to reuse for our toilets. Our waste and rubbish is cooking our renewable gases and we have a great tool for combating Climate Change - but no better drinking water for the us the people - and a missed opportunity to curb the plastic water bottle problem. We continued our usual practice, we chopped down the last tree, and of course we kept buying more water in plastic bottles, because an alternative choice was not offered.

Something that is so dumb-easy we all do it without thinking... like, "that tap is for drinking only and that is for the toilet." The new water and energy infrastructure is for our cities and our planet, our gardens and toilets and rubbish - and we will get a higher bill, probably - but no difference to our drinking water and all for the lack of foresight not to include a drinking water pipe when they had the chance, way back in 2011!

Considering the state of the oceans, the food chain, the birds and fish that indadvertedly swallow the stuff, it's a toxic disaster. It was never just about whether Climate Change is real or isn't - if it gets warmer or colder - it's about how we deal with it - it's about ECO SUSTAINABILITY and they all knew back in 2011 (or maybe they didn't get it). Easily said in hind-sight! - How come nobody from the future has re-visited us in the past to tell us what to do in the future - oh yeh, we wouldn't listen."

The infrastructure, technology and people power are in motion. Securing Sydney's drinking supply is a natural extension and compatible addition to Trigeneration. It's always possible to augment systems later - from Tri to Quad - but there are certain planning issues that can benefit with the opportunity present now.

After reading over the trigeneration plans, Dr Hendrik Mueller-Holst from AGES The Australia Germany Eco Sustainable Alliance agrees. "Securing Sydney's drinking water can be achieved with forward planning. Trigeneration is the right building block perfect for Water4Cities™ QuadGEN™ which can be added now or later at any time. This will cost an extra pipe now but be invaluable later. A small insurance for Sydney's future in a climate challenged world".

Delivering Trigeneration Cooling Heat and Power technology is available now plus a sustainable "drinking water" supply for Sydney as an existing opportunity. The rewards are instant and far reaching... and implementation is as easy as planning.
Exclusive by Vikki Campion From: The Daily Telegraph November 08, 2010. To quote Sydney's Mayor Clover Moore MP,
"The key word here is planning. By planning a network we can coordinate installation, reduce disruption and get economies of scale."

Under her plan, city roads will be ripped up and pipes laid to move clean electricity and recycled water around the CBD. The goal is to take most of the city centre off the coal-fuelled power grid within 20 years.

"We need to do the hard things. The majority of people, hopefully, understand that," Ms Moore said. "We have to put new piping under the city. It's about the future, it's about providing energy, it's about what we do with our waste." Ms Moore said.
Clover Moore has plans for a greener Sydney
To secure drinking water for Sydney, add a pipe now.

IMAGINE SYDNEY with the best quality drinking water available in any city, not just better quality tap water but water comparable to glass bottled spring water, clean fresh premium drinking water Naturalised Water™, as close to Nature as possible.
  • IMAGINE that Water4Cities™ works seamlessly with Trigeneration, to be the greenest and most eco-friendly city water on the planet.
  • Imagine it's a sustainable and secure, premium drinking water supply.
  • IMAGINE it tastes great, without chemicals, without chlorine, and highly charged with oxygen, as water should be. FRESH!
  • IMAGINE Sustainable Sydney sets the standard for Cities of the Future
  • And as a part solution to plastic bottles! The public needs a choice.

The technology and know-how exists today, and the technical opportunity is in action thanks to Sydney Mayor Clover Moore MP and Allan Jones MBE.

This opportunity cannot be missed for Sydney to have a new premium drinking water system - if energy can be decentralised and modernized - so can drinking water.

Trigeneration owners might like to know this is building by building and there is no change in equipment they have now. Becoming apart of Water4Cities™ is the 4th product... with Liquad!™ they can be part of the solution - an EcoEco Solution - with both economic and ecological advantages, even over Trigeneration.

Water4Cities™ methodology is the perfect partner to Trigeneration. By shifting from centralised to decentralised drinking water - the City of Sydney could achieve a World First. One fuel, 4 products. Cooling, Heat, Drinking Water and Electricity.

TRIGENERATION + Water4Cities™ + Liquad!

21 February 2006 Sydney Mayor Clover Moore MP wrote to Ian Cohen MLC Chair, with an Inquiry into a Sustainable Water Supply for Sydney
"Bold, innovative and urgent Government action is required to develop a sustainable, long term solution to address Sydney's current water shortage, and provide fair and equitable access to clean water for Sydney's growing population. Clean drinking water is the most basic of necessities, but water is a precious resource in our dry continent that must be carefully managed and conserved."

Clover Moore makes a specific point calling for, "Consideration of other sustainable solutions to Sydney's water shortage."
Granted these comments were made prior to Kurnell Desalination being built - but the question remains unanswered... WHY ISN'T SUSTAINABLE "DRINKING" WATER FOR SYDNEY IN THE TRIGENERATION MASTER PLAN?

Sydney Mayor Clover Moore MP has a vision and Allan Jones MBE has the experience - a powerful combination. But as much as Clover Moore the Mayor of Sydney would like a sustainable water solution, non-potable is not for drinking, and sustainable drinking water is not on the drawing boards.

To actually achieve "a sustainable water solution" is possible, in our opinion, in 2 steps. Water4Cities™ and then AquaDam. Water4Cities™ are stand-alone "autarkic" and work independently and remote monitored. When combined they act as a decentralised dam and distribution for drinking water only, this allows for a very high quality, and AquaDam is needed for large quantities of reuse water. Most of the water processed is rain water hence without brine requiring less energy. But for now we recommend laying down a pipe for a sustainable drinking water stream for the future and look into the feasability.
"Clean drinking water is the most basic of necessities, but water is a precious resource in our dry continent that must be carefully managed and conserved.

To address the Mayor regarding "carefully managed and conserved", cities have become catchment areas, and the good rain water flows back to the sea, catching storing and using this water is best practice conservation.

An alternative water supply? But only for non-drinking purposes?
The City of Sydney is working towards sustainable water use on several levels. We aim to reduce the drinking water council uses, promote water-saving solutions to businesses and residents and improve stormwater quality to keep pollutants out of Sydney Harbour and the Cooks River.

We are also developing an alternative, sustainable water supply for the City. All of Sydney currently relies on the supply provided by Sydney Water Corporation. Part of our Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan is to introduce a ‘decentralised’ (local) water supply – in the same vein as the decentralised energy we are going to produce from trigeneration and renewable sources.

This water supply will allow recycled water and stormwater to be re-used (for non-drinking purposes), taking the pressure of the main water supply. It may be possible for the system to work alongside the trigeneration network and if so, the City can potentially install the infrastructure (underground pipes, etc) for both projects at the same time.
Clover Moore calls for a "sustainable clean water solution". We recognize the enormity of providing a sustainable solution as this, but considering Sydney uses only 2% of the water from Warragamba Dam for actual "drinking" Water4Cities™ has an immediate "drinking water only" solution achievable with a the low temperature hot water process outlined in the interim Trigeneration Plan.
Taking into account there is already a plan to capture and reuse city rain water with a revolutionary sea water dam called AquaDam, altogether Trigeneration with Water4Cities™ Liquad!™ and Aquadam creates a wholistic sustainable and renewable water system for cities.

THE IDEAL SOLUTION FOR THE CITY THERMAL DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: LOW TEMPERATURE HOT WATER DISTRIBUTION " water connected to individual heat– driven coolers located in individual buildings can provide significantly greater amounts of thermal power through an acceptably sized pipe network. Overall, there is a modest additional greenhouse saving available from a high temperature distributed system (figure 17). However, the greater costs, engineering challenges and complexities of reticulating 180 degree Celsius hot water around the city are likely to offset any marginal benefit compared to a low temperature 95 degree Celsius hot water loop."
Water4Cities™ was conceived and is only made possible because Trigeneration has come to Sydney - and now that the interim Trigeneration Master Plan has been outlined - it confirms the possibility - especially note the findings "individual heat-driven coolers located in individual buildings".

This would indicate our technology will interface with Sustainable Sydney's technology.

Trigeneration can become QuadGENeration and Sydney can achieve a Sustainable Drinking Water Solution receiving the health benefits of premium quality water which in turn raises living standards and quality of life and build awareness and a solution to curb the plastic bottle pollution crisis.

Water4Cities™ takes it one step further!

Further comment by Clover Moore MP regarding the high impact salt (brine) has on marine life:

Marine Life and Surrounding Ecosystem
"The fragile marine ecosystem surrounding the proposed location for the plant is complex and interdependent, and the Nature Conservation Council says that international experience predicts direct and immediate adverse impacts on the marine environment in the vicinity during construction and operation of the plant."

Water4Cities™ water purification process enjoys the fact there is NO salt waste stream. Sydney has an abundant rain water supply and retention tanks are already in place. To purify rain water is not as complex as sea water desalination... and there is no salty brine produced in the process.

Trigeneration becomes QuadGENeration when heat is used to desalinate sea water into premium quality drinking water, providing the 4th product. In cities like Sydney with a vast network of infrastructure already in place, we can use rain water... in fact we prefer to use rainwater as there is no concentrated salty brine produced as a by-product, which needs to be carefully poured back into the ocean.

In parts of the Middle East all their water is desalinated. The amount of brine injected back into their sea water source is becoming too salty, which in turn causes many problems as well as needing more energy to desalinate saltier sea water, it's a losing cycle. Overuse of desalination is not the sustainable answer - reusing, recycling, cleaning and purifying the water we have is!

Trigeneration with Water4Cities™ becomes QuadGENeration. 4 products. By making gas from waste to power generators at around 90% efficiency and to make drinking water without any salty brine - is potentially a decentralised and decarbonized city with sustainable water and power. To reach full potential, to be able to supply a cities water (not just drinking water) without resorting to sea water desalination, we must be able to capture and store the rain when it falls. To do this we need a dam. An ecological dam: AquaDam.

Sydney is leading the way with Trigeneration. With Water4Cities™ Sydney brings a new 21st Century methodology and income stream that sets the standard worldwide. Adding Water4Cities™ QuadGEN™ technology brings an added feather to Sydney's cap.

Decentralised Water Security

Considering Sydney has only one water supply being Warragamba Dam, Water4Cities™ would provide back-up in case of any unforeseen circumstance.

A decentralised drinking water "net" (much like the internet) offers many sources of back-up since each functions autonomously.

Observe the recent flooding in Queensland. With a Water4Cities™ decentralised network of isolated systems, they each become an island.

Water4Cities™ systems are dust and water proof and can be elevated in flood prone areas. In emergency special hand pump/s that are fitted can maintain production when electricity fails.
  • Each unit is isolated from each other, providing protection from the spread of contamination.
  • If Warragamba Dam is spoiled (as it does from time to time) then each decentralised unit acts as backup.
  • If electricity is shutdown, special hand-pumps can continue production.
  • Can be installed to withstand floods and function as security backup.
  • If one or some are destroyed, then there are a plurality still standing.
  • Water4Cities™ evaporative technology (mimics the sun and re-sets memory) leaves all solids and waste behind preventing any contamination to exist in the fresh water supply. Water4Cities™ are also isolated from each other preventing any contamination spread should any one system fail. Water4Cities™ systems have no moving parts which eliminates mechanical failure. See this article sunday-telegraph/desal-plant-sucks-in-sewage/

    Leading edge technology from Germany.
    No moving parts. No filters used, No chemicals required.
    Low running costs. Premium quality water.
    All stainless steel for long life.
    Waste heat driven sea water desalination and rain water purification distillation systems being unpacked and setup.

    Decentralized Decarbonized Cogeneration Distillation Desalination & Power

    We are riding a new wave of industrial revolution into the RENEWABLE ENERGY AGE. Renewable Energies bring only advantages and no burden to the world.
    The ECO SUSTAINABLE PLANET and ECO SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY sections often overlap - as crops become fuel and microorganisms make electricity - the line is blurred and indeed that is the desired 'interconnectedness' effect.
    All these exciting new green technologies could become marketable at any time. To clarify exactly what is available now, you'll find WAPSEC is in the business of WATER & POWER SECURITY. WAPSEC supplies 'wholistec' solutions with leading-edge technology from Germany and Australia.
    ECO SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY Ecology and Technology working together in synergy. SUSTAINABLE is 24 x 7. ECO SUSTAINABLE is when there's no waste. The waste product of one process is fuel for the next.
    THE AGE of ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY - inspiration leads to innovation, and solutions provide engineers and architects methodologies to green the world. Man learns to live with the planet.